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The Path

The Lioness
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Transformation & Clearing.
gorgeous large & mini labradorite balanced with the light of moonstone and clear quartz ✨
Guiding your path of transforming any aspect you wish. Dive Deep into the lightness of your femininity ✨

All crystal clips are hand made by Adel in Melbourne, Australia with all of the love, passion and positivity. Adel is a holistic hairdresser who adores working with hair and nature, so in short, she merged crystals with that love to create jewellery for the hair, there magical crystal clips were born. 


All crystal clips come on a card with further guidance. All crystal clips can be clipped anywhere, not just the hair, they are your secret feel good weapon.

You can also read more in the collection section and checkout out instagram to see styling tips, 

Love, The Lioness