Eco Friendly

Adel proudly runs The Conscious Fooodie making sure she is being kind to the environment. As the creations found on this website are crafted from nature, i choose to send your orders with recycled/biodegradable packaging to honour back that i use.

We are always searching for new ways to be cleaner and greener + we hope for you to too!

Did you know plastic pollution is one of the most important global problems that we face today. It impacts the environment and our health and well-being. 

Here are some ways easy ways you can reduce your footprint

  • Use a Travel Mug or make and take your own tea and coffee in a flask. ( $ Saver too)

  • Instead of buying water, bring your own and fill through your day!
  • Keep Re-usable shopping bags in the car to be at your convenience & the earths!
  • Shop in whole food stores where you can bring your own containers & jars. You get what you need, reduce plastics & it looks prettier in your pantry!
  • Shop at farmers markets! Fresh produce= less packaging of plastic! 

... No nasties baby.


With Love, 

Adel x