Love Letters
Love Letters
Love Letters
Love Letters

Love Letters

The Lioness
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Love letters, the good old fashioned way. I love the energy of physical letters rather than a text message, To spread joy to yourself or a loved one by surprise, you don’t know what the letter says. That’s the beauty of it. I trust divine timing will deliver this to you when you need to hear it most. Inside is a love letter or a love and clearing letter, you choose 

The love features baby crystals of Kunzite, Amethust, peach moonstone, Rubellite Herkimer diamond, Pink tourmaline. 

The Clear features Blue lace, Herkimer diamond, amethyst, Celestite & an evil eye.
All crystals are due to change per vial, I follow intuition. 🔮✨❤️

If you would like, you can continue passing this love letter on to keep spreading the love,

Love, The Lioness