Hi! I am Adel



HI! I'm The Creator of The Lioness. 

Holistic Hairdresser & Artist

My inspiration behind my brand has been Nature, my love for earth, my amazing grandparents, parents and my own journey to date.

I created this little page so you can see who is behind the name and feel more connected to my purpose after all The Lioness is a representation of who i am as a person, my name and brand are one, i live through integrity in who I am meaning what you see is all i am (if you follow my Instagram, you'll see me often) I truly want to spread LOVE. I have a passion for spreading light and positivity in all i do, i just really like feeling good! So trust that all the products you see on this site are made with that intention in mind, to spread love from me to you, from nature, universal love & kindness.

I am Conscious of the thoughts i feed my mind, the food i feed my body and the energy i feed my soul, i thrive off good vibes! In saying that, i have been in some really dark feelings that have taken over my days as we all have felt... in those days i've learnt, grown, healed and have become a better version of me, i've noticed how important self love and care is through those times and how important it is even through the happiest of times... life is both light and dark, up & down so this site is full of things that help you feel your best through both those times.

I've always wanted to do something to serve others, On my journey i've studied hairdressing & makeup, i did that to help others look & feel good. I noticed true "self love" was missing from the equation and more needed to be done to really truly help from the inside, and when not on the inside, have tools to help us on the outside.  Noticing the lack of Self care time to allow room for self love is what inspired my first product "Drops Of Love" My mum who is incredible has helped me develop drops of love with all her expertise in many fields, she has been hand blending with essential oils & herbs for 11 years, you can see where my love for nature comes from! I am now also learning from her more than ever as i grow myself.


Adel's Art is for the wild at heart, she creates with the purpose to empower you to feel and look the best version of YOURSELF from the inside out and of course outside in. No rules x Enjoy your shopping babe, RUN WILD