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Crystal Clips are a "genius creation" by Adel, The lioness. Adel first came to create them in 2019 with her love for nature and backround in hairdressing merged to one.

I Grew up having crystals all my life and then began to turn them into wearable art. Crystal clips are creations that you can clip and carry anywhere. They each are designed to carry their own unique energy which serves as a powerful tool to you. Each crystal is genuine as nature intended and each crystal is symbolically placed , no piece is like another. Which ever piece you invest in can never be replicated, it is uniquely yours. Once the clip is with you, we wish you to carry its intention whilst adding your own too. 

Our hair holds power and is an extension of our crown chakra, once the crystal clip is on the hair it brings a positive, protective energy. Crystal clips can be clipped on the chest near the heart, on jeans or hidden underneath clothing/hair. its your secret weapon to effortlessly carrying good vibes. Love Adel x


Remember as i love to say,  pick what is calling you, your intuition is drawn to a piece for a reason. Don't spend too much time reading what the meanings are, the energy of a crystal calls you and picks you. Then you can delve deeper into the meanings later and form a relationship with the piece so it can guide you as you add an intention.

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