Intuitive Eating Vs Dieting

I don't believe in Diets, the word in itself is horrible. I mean it basically has the word die in it...

By this point you may agree, or you may be shocked. Let me further explain...

Firstly, they are restrictive, they have you feel like you need to deny the foods you love to become " healthy "when in the end, we usually fail because of this. We feel like something and " give in" which makes us feel like we've failed. A thought that we shouldn't be feeding ourselves, it can lead to bad habits. You become what you tell yourself, and that should NOT EVER be to feel a failure. It also shouldn't be " I'll start Monday every week " Shocking truth because simply it is so restricting it puts so much stress on our mind, we cannot commit long term. So, lets talk..Small goals that will lead to a good relationship with food, your mind and your body!

I know this because i used to be so hard on myself, I would read every ingredient on every packet - For about 1 year In the past I completely cut 2 food groups- dairy and gluten as well as being sugar free. Although i've Never been on a diet, I have cut out these things very harshly to see how I would feel! I did feel good but it wasn't necessary for me, After a year, I became intolerant. I really cut them so much when I introduced some occasional bread or yogurt I would feel sick in the stomach. I hadn't been used to that, I was missing out on so many things not to mention having to cater for myself at so many family events, I knew I had to re-asses this way of living. Today, if i feel my body needs it i may do a cleanse with a all Vege day or juice half a day, increase my water intake... we all do different things but i prefer to say cleanse over diet. I wont cut food groups like i did! And thats just my personal experience!

So, What is Intuitive Eating?

In my own terms, It is being aware of your mind while paying attention to the messages of your body. Using what we call instinct while being aware, we make conscious choices and eat accordingly. It is a journey thats different for everyone, you become the expert of your body and what it wants, what it needs. We all have our own version within this! I know and am still learning how i feel best eating, we are all on this journey forever while our body changes but now, i've never felt better eating with such a mind body connection. You cant go wrong!

Things to STOP doing

Sometimes we can have a inner food type of police, a little ego yelling you shouldn't eat that!!! "It has too many calories" yell back NO.  I want this, i can have this. Shut it down.  The same thing may happen when exercising, your inner voice might say "keep going you haven't burnt enough fat" yell NO shut it down and instead, focus on how your body feels and how good you feel moving your body. Then, you're bound to make a routine because you've shifted a negative mindset of having to run off food, to instead feeling good. How about a very big one i see all the time "Carbs are bad" say  NO!!!! they give me energy, i like them and i need them!

We daily should:

  • Honour our hunger then be aware when your body signals being full so you're satisfied not sick
  • Respect and Accept your body and your genetic makeup
  • Notice how you feel after certain foods for example, i know i'm in the toilet if i drink cows milk or have cream. The same may happen to someone that has something completely different. We will become experts of our body.
  • Remember we wont gain weight from one day of eating  what ever it may be or a certain snack.
  • POSITIVE SELF TALK EVERYDAY to bring positive thoughts!
  • Labelling foods like clean or dirty is judging your eating, we have to be wary of this thought. We shouldn't feel guilty for food as it is never the enemy, it is fuel to our human suit, being the tank.

We can try changing small things, swapping foods instead of eliminating them! Swapping negative thoughts to become positive ones. Be aware, The over-all goal is mind and body HEALTH! Feeling the best, healthiest version of yourself while enjoying a balance of all foods! NO RESTRICTION. This is so much more realistic, it becomes a LIFESTYLE! No more weight on weight off and unrealistic diets.

Todays Society

At 20 now, there are so many diets and new diet trends popping up all the time. Our Young kids are growing up with the word diet, something I never knew much of till I was around 14. Kids are online, following diets from celebrities who pose their edited bodies. It's true, studies are showing 1 in 5 girls are dieting! 1 in 3 are also Obese because of diets. They should never know of the word diet at such young age, leading to body image, self worth and confidence issues. Believe it or not " How many KG's are you?" is all over social media. This question alone inducing all of above that i listed. NONSENSE.

There is a lack of education on health and nutritious food, We must lead by example to our younger generations and eliminate this word "diet" as much as we can. When we make a conscious effort of this we inspire others to do the same, let's talk Health Food & Body Positivity instead. We are powerful together and it starts with you!