Aloe Vera

The First report of Aloe Vera go as far back as 6,000 years ago in Egypt. Cleopatra used the juice as part of her daily skin and beauty routine. It was the pursuit of “physical beauty” Aloe was known as the “Plant of Eternity” for the outside and inside of our bodies Its anti bacterial, anti fungal, anti inflammatory, has a cooling soothing effect on our skin and also is used to detox! This was Documented in “Papyrus Eber”1,550 BC a 110 page scroll of Egyptian Herbal Medical knowledge.

In Chinese culture it is a part of everyday life, called ” Method of Harmony” The Japanese culture also value this plant as the ” Royal Plant” As well as many other cultures, this plant was and still is one of the best Medicinal Plants on our planet! Over 200 active compounds of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and both salicylic acids and amino acids.. Amazing right? It actually provides us humans with 20 of the 22 essential amino acids. It also contains two hormones, Auxin and Gibberellins! These two provide the anti inflammatory benefits while stimulating growth of new cells which means it allows the skin to healquickly! So you’re going to want to put it on….Yes sun burn which hydrates, moisturises and soothes but read below for some other tricks i use it for!

External Uses:

  • Aloe gel on a cotton pad acting as a Makeup remover / Aloe gel Straight on the skin on my face (fine before makeup too) as a moisturiser, smooths fine lines, tightens skin and softens blemishes!
  • Amazing for even just the occasional dark under eye, You’ll be glowing!
  • Great for dermatitis or acne, apply and can be kept on till overnight as it cant do any harm
  • Apply on cuts or burns to speed up healing process

To do any of this, Aloe gel can be gently blended up or applied straight from the inside of the leaf!

Internal Uses:

  • Alkalise’s, Detoxes and Hydrates the body from the inside out. Use the gel in your morning water (best time to consume) or blend it up with a smoothie if you want my tip i’d put it in a green smoothie, celery, cucumber, kale, spinach, coconut.. all the green nourishing things! it doesn’t have a taste, its texture is just jelly like!
  • Natural laxative effect so watch your consumption if you notice this

Having a plant: They are so easy to maintain and don’t need much looking after at all, they like dry conditions but also need the sunlight! Make sure your plants soil is completely dry before watering it and it has holes so the water can drain!